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Fittrmed is our pet Idea to free humans from antibiotic medicines. We are highly excited to introduce you to a dedicated platform for Ayurvedic Medicines. You must be thinking, do ayurvedic medicines really work?  With hustle in Life, we have forgotten our great Indian Rich culture and Ayurvedic History. What Modern Science is using now is that we have been using it for thousands of years.

For many years western media has been busy demeaning ayurvedic treatments and applying the same ayurvedic treatment methods with modern names. Remember in our childhood we used to brush our teeth with neem sticks? we have targeted as illiterate now same neem toothpaste multinational brands are promoting.

Ayurveda is made of two words Ayu and Veda. The word Ayu doesn’t mean just life, instead, it means –

and Veda means knowledge. Hence, Ayurveda means the knowledge of the union of body, sense organs, mind, and soul. So when people bless saying ‘दीर्घायुषी भव।’ (dīrghāyuṣī bhava।) it means to let you be in union with all the above factors for a long time!

Now you would have understood why we want to promote this platform To make a healthy and antibiotic-free world with FITTRMED

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